• NSF Collaborative Research: MRA: Global Non-Gaussian Stochastic Partial Differential Equation Models for Assessing Future Health of Ecohydrologic Systems. co-PI, $945,511 to ND (total $1,478,766), 2022-2027

  • Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society: "How can Artificial Intelligence inform air quality policy and incentives for environmental justice?" PI, $95,326

  • NASA: Quantifying Physical and Chemical Forcing from Landscape Evolution on Extreme Precipitation. PI, $352,338 to ND (total $671,329), 2021-2024


  • KAUST Competitive Research Grant: Assessing High-Resolution Wind Power in Saudi Arabia. co-PI, $316,042 to ND (total $829,500), 2019-2022

  • KAUST Competitive Research Grant: Space-time Statistical Models for Wind Field Forecasting with High Performance Computing. co-PI, $414,787 to ND (total $1,022,891), 2019-2022